View of the artist's studio, 2020, © Alexander Tovborg.
Broadcasts: Musing with Alexander Tovborg

Blum & Poe Broadcasts presents musings by artists from their homes to yours.

This week check out Copenhagen-based artist Alexander Tovborg's 5-step home lesson plan for How to Make an Icon. The study of icons, iconography, and religiosity have long been apart of Tovborg's practice. This "how-to," meant for those of you homeschooling children or those of you with limited art supplies in the home, provides instructions for creating your own devotional artwork—a sacred, panspiritual object for imbuing with hope in trying times.

Locate a cereal box, tinfoil, scissors and glue.

Glue tinfoil to cereal box, using the scissors to fit just right.

Print one of Alexander’s icon drawings, or draw your own.

Use the scissors to cut out the icon drawing and the glue to paste the image to the tinfoil.

Use available mediums to color the icon. 

Icon complete! Featured here, Saint Cecilia, patroness of music.

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