3331 Art Fair

March 6 – 10, 2019

Blum & Poe is pleased to present eight artists who explore notions of transcendence and temporality in their work. Using symbology, mysticism, and religious archetypes, Alexander Tovborg researches the roles that religion and mythology play in human identity and the world we inhabit. Masaho Anotani's drawings and collages evoke a psychedelic and surreal world of melded figurative and abstract forms. Ooido Syoujou's colorful circular abstractions are like contemporary mandalas teeming with compressed pointillist energy, whereas his somber mixed-media works on paper suggest material decay. Reminiscent of prehistoric art from various regions of the world, Lena Fujimoto's paintings depict organic forms and human figures in the environment. Similarly, Kenichiro Fukumoto was inspired by his travels through the primeval forests of Southeast Asia to make ceramic and wood sculptures that evoke the vitality, chaos, and deep history of wild nature. The contorted shapes in Ayano Nanakarage's drawings and wood sculptures convey what the artist describes as an enigmatic sense of "natural time" and latent death. Looking to the past, Yukie Ishikawa and Kazumi Nakamura incorporate compositional elements of traditional Japanese painting to open up the possibilities of contemporary abstraction. 

Organized by artist Masato Nakamura, the 3331 Art Fair is an alternative art fair that brings together galleries, museums, and non-profit spaces with the goal of developing the Japanese art market through artist-led events and projects. The event is housed at 3331Arts Chiyoda, a renovated Junior High School in Akihabara, utilizing the gymnasium, classrooms, and rooftop terrace.

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